Wildlife Garden Project – Online Questionnaire



The Peggy Wilson Trust in association with Kildwick Primary School is looking to apply for funding from the lottery to develop a small portion, to the far end, of the Peggy Wilson Playing Fields to create a very low impact community wildlife and possible, food garden. It is hoped that the garden will be used and supported by the local community, including the school children and other groups and individuals in our community.

The garden will be used to engage local school children in outdoor learning and nature and we will be inviting local community members to get involved in supporting us in teaching the children, maintaining the garden and just enjoying it.

We would really welcome input from local people who would like to get involved in creating and/or maintaining the garden and would be happy to pass on skills and knowledge about wildlife and wildlife gardening.

We want to ask our local community members about their views on this project and would be grateful if you, as a community member, would answer the following questions relating to the project and complete the online questionnaire by clicking on the link below.

Wildlife Online Questionnaire 

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