(Registered Charity 523740)

The charity is run to ensure the original purpose of the playing field is maintained to benefit the children of both Kildwick and Farnhill villages as well as Kildwick Primary School.

The charity was originally setup in 1928 under the name ‘Peggy Wilson Playing Field With Gazebo’. The gazebo was a double storey structure located on the playing field, prior to its demolition in the 1950’s.


In subsequent years the charity was renamed to ‘Peggy Wilson Playing Field’ to allow for the fact that there is no longer a gazebo and the previous name was a bit of a mouthful!

The charity has no formal income and is reliant on the help of Kildwick Parish Meeting and Farnhill Parish Council as well as Kildwick Primary School to assist with the cost of basic maintenance to the playing field.

The charity currently consists of the following trustees:

  • Mr Richard Dobbins
  • Mr Steven Close
  • Mr Tim Whitehead
  • Mrs Jennifer Scott

The custodianship of the playing field is granted to the national Fields In Trust

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